11 Best Hair Scrunchies for Your Ponytail — Editor Picks


Love ’em, hate ’em, or try to ignore ’em, scrunchies have made a comeback. While they may make some people think of ’80s aerobics videos, the scrunchies we’re seeing now are a little different and in some cases, a lot funkier. They’re laden with sequins, embroidered with flowers, and made of vegan leather. But if all those bells and whistles aren’t your jam, you can always grab a simple, classic, solid-colored one. Whether you’re looking to jazz up a ponytail or you just need to slap one on before a workout in your living room, there’s a scrunchie for several scenarios and, yes, price points.

We scoured the internet for the best of the best, the scrunchies that make us want to click “add to cart” with the quickness. We’ve got affordable $5 ones, and even a pricier $65 that smells like pure magic — we’ll explain later. Regardless of the price or style, our 13 favorite scrunchies can turn any basic ponytail or bun into a masterpiece.