6 Gorgeous Fall Hair Color Trends for 2020


With a new season comes new drink orders, footwear choices, makeup, and, of course, hair-color options. My color chameleons feel me: Fall would be way less fun without some fresh new hues to choose from. As we mourn the (naturally or not-so-naturally) sun-kissed strands we wore for the last few months, there’s nothing like a new slate of celebrity inspiration to get us excited for a new aesthetic.

This fall is a little different, however. When you’re in the throes of a global pandemic, you’ve got to be way more decisive and strategic about what kind of dye job you get. With many places going in and out of stay-at-home orders, and plenty of people too nervous to make too many trips to the salon, the trending hair colors reflect these uncertain times. This season, it’s all about hues that bring joy, are easy to maintain at home, and dye jobs that take us back to a much simpler time — one when the world wasn’t so topsy-turvy.

Regardless, if you’re thinking of switching up your hair color and want to know what’s trending, you came to the right place. See the shades colorists predict will be all the rage this fall.

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