Ageist Marketing Is Out As Beauty Brands Turn To Older Consumers


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Culture is changing, and the beauty of youth is no longer as coveted as it once was. As attitudes towards aging come into question, older consumers are spending less time wishing they looked younger, and instead focusing their attention — and their money — on the power of wisdom and aging well.

The beauty industry has historically been focused on young consumers, and particularly young women, with over 50s either ignored or sold products aimed at anti-aging. Youth and beauty were synonymous, so there wasn’t much point in developing products to enhance the kind of unique beauty that is acquired later in life; instead, products were marketed almost as tools for illusion, to trick others into thinking you might possibly be a few years younger than you really are.

In 2019 we wrote about older consumers as a lucrative untapped market. Now those predictions are coming true: older consumers are…