And Now a Rihanna Fenty Beauty Tutorial to Lift Your Spirits


If you’ve been living the no makeup life, Rihanna is here to remind you it’s time to beat your face.

In celebration of the new Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out blushes and bronzers, Rihanna returned to the Fenty Beauty YouTube with a demo of her “Summer Fenty Face.” Like most Fenty Beauty products, the Cheeks Out blushes and bronzers are multipurpose. “It’s meant to have a marriage with your foundation, your powder, whatever you have on your base. You can use this on your eyes, cheeks, forehead,” she says. Plus, its creamy formula blends like a dream, whether you use your fingers or a brush.

In the video, RiRi starts off by applying the Hunnie Glaze bronzer shade along her cheeks using her hands, then blending it out using the Fenty Beauty Sculpting Bronzer Brush. Next, she applies the Cheeks Out blush in the shade Petal Poppin’ to one cheek and Summertine Wine to the other cheek to showcase the product’s “flexibility.” And if you thought Summertime Wine looked great on her cheeks, wait until you see how well it pairs on her lips underneath Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb.

“Don’t I look beach ready or booty call ready?” she jokes at the end of the video. If you, too, would like to practice your beach or booty call-ready “no makeup” makeup look, shop RiRi’s favorites below.