Destination Wedding Trends You’ll See More of This Year


DWP Congress) the leading destination wedding trends, and what you need to look for when planning your destination wedding this year and beyond.

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Top Destination Wedding Trends for 2020

Eco-friendly weddings are the way forward

According to Evelyn Nguyen Van from Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi, couples are thinking about the bigger picture not just their wedding, but how it can impact the world and make their statement or contribution to something they believe in. From Eco-décor to reusable elements considering the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – where recycling is the last resort. Zero waste and zero plastic are also trending with increasing world awareness. Natural settings are also largely favoured, and the wedding décor, flower arrangements and menu requested have to be real, local and seasonal produce integrated with the destination selected

Outdoor wedding ceremonies

Along with eco-friendly destination wedding trends, Lefteris Tsoukalas from Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa, (the host hotel of the DWP Congress 2020) indicates that themed wedding celebrations and outdoor wedding ceremonies with natural lighting and visual effects (beach weddings, poolside and garden ceremonies) will be the choice of modern couples. Couples are looking for personalization and incorporating vivid elements which reflect their love story.

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New and fresh destinations

The world is their oyster when it comes to the choices. Casey Wagner from Aman Hotels & Resorts says that brides, grooms, and planners are exploring new, fresh destinations; places their friends have not yet visited or gotten married (like Kyoto, Vietnam, Montenegro), incorporating local culture into wedding celebrations, like shaman blessings; street party with food trucks of local cuisine are some of the biggest trends this year.

Urban wedding trends

Interesting insights on destination wedding trends came from Mireia Tubau from Barcelona Turisme. According to her, couples are looking for new destinations for weddings. They are looking for culture, history, and art so, urban weddings are becoming trendy. Apart from that, a wedding destination that combines sublime locations, delicious cultural experiences and truly bespoke experiences beyond culture, nature and sea combined with excellent flight connections and pleasant weather. Simply put, couples are exploring new places around the globe.

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Colourful decorations

Speaking about décor, Luis Goncalves from Hotel Fairmont Ray Juan Carlos believes that flowers and colourful decorations have always been one of the most important bullet points on a wedding checklist and thinks that it will have a special protagonist in the upcoming years on the wedding industry.

Themed weddings

Themed weddings will continue to rule hearts in 2020. Nathalie Lebon from Deco-Flamme Live Production says that ‘Homestead Elegance,’  ‘Dinner Party Romantic Chic’ and ‘Rustic Wedding’ are just a few of the emerging themes. These wedding themes incorporate natural outdoor details with elegant, sophisticated elements to create a unique mixed theme that can be seen within all of the emerging destination wedding trends. In particular, the themes are tied together by a neutral colour palette that is set off by lush, romantic floral arrangements of peonies and garden roses.

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Unconventional destination wedding trends

Juana Ortiz Basso from Los Cabos Tourism Board says that tailor-made experiences, personalized with a unique style are the top trends for 2020. It’s all about the experience! Fun and memorable activities for the groom and bride as well as for the guests are making their way to a more unconventional wedding. Iosifina Politi from Santorini Gem adds that couples are more driven than ever to offer their guests a unique experience. They want their guests to be actively involved and enjoy the destination wedding experience. Interactive entertainment, surprising decorations/micro-events, and individuality to embrace the destination traditions along with the couples’ culture are the top 3 trends that will rule the destination wedding industry.