I Am Obsessed With This New Product for Period Face


I might be a beauty writer, but it takes a lot for me to get excited when something lands on my desk, thanks to the neverending stream of new launches. There’s really a limit to the number of new moisturisers and eye creams that the world needs. 

When I first heard about new skincare brand Faace, it wasn’t in a press release but on Instagram. Whenever I headed into my DMs, someone was sending me its feed followed by a large number of heart emojis and exclamation points. 

As I delved deeper, I knew that I not only wanted Faace all over my face, but I also found myself adding to the hype-girl chain and telling everyone I knew about the brand. Ready for the lowdown? Faace has launched with a capsule collection of super-relatable face masks. Before you roll your eyes, I would not be writing this if they were just any face masks. The three face masks work with your skin as it navigates what life throws at it, and the masks take the guesswork out of choosing your skincare.