I Tried the Lunette Menstrual Cup, and Here’s My Honest Review


Nowadays whenever I get my period I respond in 2 ways, ‘yayyyy they are here’ or ‘what have they come to do’ and I roll my eyes knowing I have to prepare for crumps, cravings and being moody (I’m sure most of us can relate).

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My Period Journey

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I was advised it is better to take out the Lunette menstrual cup in the bathroom when taking a shower in order to manage spillage accidents. I took mine out after about 11 or so hours, carefully emptied the contents in the toilet bowl and washed it. I did have a bit of a mess while removing it but it wasn’t as gross as I had imagined. Just a reminder, before inserting the menstrual cup, make sure your hands are clean (we all know this anyway, with the other period products). The same goes for when you are removing it, and after. The second time around it was way easier, and I actually almost forgot it was in there.

Advantages of using the Lunette menstrual cup

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    My Takeaway

    I’ve used the cup for two periods already, and it’s like riding a bike. I do like the fact that I get to run around the whole day without having to think about changing my tampon. Soon I’ll be able to forget about the anxiety-inducing situation of being at the gym and realizing mid-workout that I don’t have an extra tampon or pad. Whether running, lifting weights, or doing yoga this little cup seems to keep me comfortable. So, exchanging a cup for a tampon every other month does not sound like a bad idea. I guess the more I use it, the more I’ll be more comfortable with it.

    Have you ever tried the Lunette menstrual cup or any menstrual cup in that matter? How was your experience? Share in the comments below.