Interview — Gwyneth Paltrow on Injections, Being a Libra, and Turning 50


Allure: Now that you’re approaching 50 years, have you had any surprising or intrusive thoughts?

GP: Um…I guess, it starts to dawn on you that you’re probably halfway through your life, if you’re lucky, in a way you don’t think about when you’re in your 20s. And you really start to get a sense for how precious time is. When I was 38, I started to freak out. I’m not exactly sure why. I don’t feel that way this time. It sounds like a big number, 50, but I’m comfortable with who I am and the choices I’ve made. I’m in a pretty good place. The other part is that my knees are not what they once were.

Allure: When is your birthday?

GP: September 27.

Allure: Is that Virgo?

GP: Libra.

Allure: Do you feel like a Libra?

GP: Very much so. All about balance, maintaining it and going imbalanced. Very about justice, the scales of justice. And I can’t make a decision.

Allure: Can I ask what your moon and rising signs are?

GP: I don’t know! Somebody asked me this recently. I had my chart done a few years ago, and I don’t know where I put it. I’m sure there’s an app I can find that out on.

Allure: There are many apps!

GP: What do you use?

Allure: I think Co-Star is pretty easy.

GP: What about the Pattern?

Allure: I think all of them are pretty good!

GP: Alright.

Allure: Books you’ve read lately?

GP: I’m in the middle of The Vanishing Half. It’s a book about twins. At Goop we always take an annual summer holiday, so I started it then, but this happens to me every year — I get through a chunk of a book, and then I finish it over Christmas vacation.

Publicist: You have one minute left.

Allure: OK, one more question: What is the meaning of beauty?

GP: I think the meaning of beauty is…you are never more enthralled than by a woman who feels beautiful. You want to go sit next to her, you want to go hear her life story. Even if she’s not classically beautiful, there’s something so appealing and magnetic about that. Beauty is about feeling beautiful and doing the things that make you feel internally beautiful. Obviously, there’s also the external aspect of that. I always think of women who are older than I am — my mother had this great friend who is no longer with us, [and] she exuded beauty, and you wanted to be next to her. Diane von Furstenberg, she has this aura — you want to sit with her and ask her questions. You can tell she loves herself, and she feels beautiful. That’s what I sort of strive for.

This interview is more or less verbatim.

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