Is Dollar Shave Club Worth It?

dollar shave club

There is no doubt about it razors are expensive.

Especially cartridge razors.

In order to save any sort of money with your morning shave you have a couple of options – opt for the expensive heavily marketed cartridge razors, use a double edge safety razor, or lastly opt for a electric shaver.

Each one of the options come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

For the heavily marketed cartridge razors, you are paying top dollar for these and throw them away at the end of every month.

In fact a refill of just 4 blades for one of the most popular brands will set you back at about $18 a pop!

Enter Dollar Shave Club – A Competitor For Low Price Cartridge Razors + More

A relative newcomer to the shaving world, they have shaken the market up considerably!

In fact, in 2015, they had a lawsuit come against the Dollar Shave Club for patent infringement by P&G (owner of Gillette).

With it seeming that subscription services are popping up every day, even for beards – its sometimes challenging to see if something like dollar shave club is worth it – besides – who likes just throwing away money anyways and hoping it’s not wasted?

For $1 a month you can get a baseline cartridge razor (2 bladed) sent to your door plus $2 shipping and handling.

That’s definitely a rock bottom price that you simply cannot match anywhere else.  In fact, even a double edge safety razor might have a hard time competing with it on a price front!

Naturally, however, Dollar Shave Club does offer other packages as well – they have a 4 bladed and even 6 bladed cartridge razor, with their prices set at $6 and $9 respectively (neither at the time of writing charge extra for shipping and handling either).

When compared to the other alternatives listed above – from a cost perspective definitely makes Dollar Shave Club worth it on that front.

Dollar Shave Club is great in that you get razors shipped to your door like clockwork.

Every month you have a brand new set of razor blades to use and they will work terrific for your face, chest, or any other part of your body.

Not only do they offer incredibly cheap cartridge razors, but they also have other great add-ons as well that are definitely worth checking out (specifically their shave butter and post-shave cream).

Making sure you have all the right products in order will ensure you get the absolute most comfortable shave with little to no skin irritation.

Is Dollar Shave Club Worth It?

This leads us to the root of the article – is Dollar Shave Club worth it?

The evidence speaks for itself – YES!

With rock bottom prices on razors that perform just as good as the most hotly marketed competitors, it doesn’t seem that users can go wrong on any front.

All-in-all Dollar Shave Club is definitely worth a try – with its high-quality cartridge razors and open policy of canceling any time, there is absolutely no risk to you to give it a shot for a single month or several months.

These guys are the real deal when it comes to cartridge razors at an affordable price.

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