LOLA Personalizes Feminine Products for Every Woman


We always run into somebody we don’t want to see when we have a shopping cart full of feminine products. LOLA saves you embarrassment and inconvenience of shopping for private products in public. 

It’s personal

LOLA is a personalized, discrete home delivery service providing you the resources you need to take care of your most intimate time from your menstrual cycle to sexual wellness kits. 

LOLA’s customizable delivery service makes sure you have what you need, when you need it based on a short quiz. Products vary to meet your very unique period needs from light days to heavy days.

These kits are designed for every females life stage from the First Period Kit to the Sexual Wellness Kit.

It’s high-quality

LOLA creates their own feminine products using 100% organic cotton and no toxins, dyes or synthetic fibers.

It’s affordable

From the $34 First Period kit to the Period Essentials Kit for $29 which includes wipes, thin liners and tampons. Set up the monthly deliveries to fit your cycle and cancel at any time.

It’s more than just tampons

Lola takes care of the whole woman’s personal needs from vitamins for cramps and bloating to wipes and condoms.

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