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“I went standard male haircut,” he says. “Not too stylized, not too full, somewhere in the middle. He’s an ex-military guy, and I wanted him nondescript. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who would go sit in the barbershop every week.”

Tic may not bother with the barber, but Majors wasn’t so lucky. “We focused on really great skin care, and his barber took great care of his shave, so he had gorgeous smooth skin,” says Koepper. He wore very little makeup, but the hair and makeup team kept him dewy with the help of a full suite of Kiehl’s.

Christina (Abbey Lee)

Courtesy of Eli Joshua Ade/HBO

Christina (played by Abbey Lee) toggles the line between ally and enemy throughout the series. The viewer never knows quite what to expect from her, and that ephemeral mystery is mirrored in the show’s beauty choices. “The thing about Christina is she’s very mysterious,” says Koepper. “She isn’t just stuck in 1955 — she has otherworldly knowledge.”

To create a severe look that played off Lee’s piercing blue eyes, she used heavy eyeliner all around the inner rim. (Bonus fact: It was a Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. “It was hot, everyone was sweating, and we needed that stuff to stay,” Koepper says.) Her pale skin looks vampiric, thanks in part to nude lip liner, which Koepper used to define the lips without adding too much color.

Meanwhile, Badie created loose, Veronica Lake waves, trapping Christina in between the ’40s and ’50s. Her pale blonde is a wig, dyed the exact same shade as her terrifying family. The platinum tone has a “sterile, alienation vibe,” Badie says. The overall effect is a combination of glam and supernatural — perfect for this series.

Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung)

Courtesy of Eli Joshua Ade/HBO

One of Badie’s favorite hairstyles comes midway through the season, when Jaime Chung’s Ji-Ah, who we’ve only seen in flashes, finally gets her own storyline. “Even though [Chung’s] episode was in the series, it felt like its own Korean film,” says Badie. “It was such a romantic story, and very gratifying and fulfilling for me to create a look from Korea in the 1950s.”

Lee’s makeup tells a layered story of a nurse, a siren, and a [redacted in case you haven’t seen this episode yet]. “She was preoccupied with Judy Garland, so I gave her an innocence,” says Koepper. “I pulled a photo of a girl who had a beautiful, very understated makeup but a raspberry lip. Almost like a temptress.”

Seraphina (Karen LeBlanc)

Courtesy of Brian Badie

When I spoke with Badie, I hadn’t yet met Beyond C’est and so didn’t know to ask about her. But as I was thanking Badie for his time, he stopped me. “There’s one more character that seems like it’s been pleasing the public,” he hints. In case you haven’t seen the memes, just know that Badie got the biggest response of the series from this futuristic, out-of-this-world afro worn on Karen LeBlanc.

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