Makeup Tips: How to Look Great for Your First Online Date


your first date will most probably be a digital experience via WhatsApp, FaceTime & Co.

When it comes to finding the perfect makeup for your virtual get-together, there are some things you need to consider. Some makeup tips for your first date stay the same as if you were meeting in person. However, there are some other details which you need to finesse.

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Food for thought: New makeup is not always the right makeup!

When it comes to meeting a new Mr Charming for the first time, we all tend to get carried away. Which is natural, as we all want to make a great impression and show him just how lucky he is. So, we decide to go for a new hairstyle, put on some new makeup and buy a new dress. But to be honest, as fun as it might be, reinventing your style for a first online date is not necessary at all. He got to know you beforehand and is already mesmerized, and he already thinks that you are beautiful. If he has not seen you in person due to the current circumstances, he has certainly seen some pictures of you and was smitten right there and then.

Really: Not every new makeup and/or hairstyle turns out as we have imagined them. Some truly backfire! And that is not what you’re looking for when going on your first date, right? So, instead of trying out some new styles for your first online date, stick to the ones you’re familiar and comfortable with.

special makeup sponge avoids the awful ‘cakey’ look. Using a sponge also guarantees a good, even coverage. Once this is done, sweep your fluffy brush across your preferred translucent powder which you then dust evenly over your face. Next in line, sweep a powder bronzer along all the facial parts, which you want to define; the hollow of your cheeks and your forehead close to the hairline. As a final touch, apply some highlighting powder above your eyebrows and to your cheekbones.

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Let your eyes do the flirting

1.     The eyebrows

When doing your eyebrows, see that the natural arches of the brows are highlighted. Keep in mind that your eyebrows are two of the main actors when it comes to expressing emotions without saying a word. The eye powder should match your hair colour. Apply it with a fine brush and use a spoolie for the final blending.

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And finally, let him follow your every word