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I think of face serum as one component in the complex scaffolding of my skin-care routine. But Tuttle isn’t advocating for 10-step hand care, just a bit more attention paid to our overlooked mitts. Unlike a face serum, you don’t necessarily need to layer a moisturizer over top to complete the regimen.

In my trial run with Hand Serum, I found it perfect for midday use, when I don’t have much time to wait around for my skin to absorb a rich or greasy cream. It infuses into skin quickly, leaving you free to return to typing or tapping or even, in my case on more than one occasion, working with your de-stress craft project needle and thread. It’s also fragrance-free. (In fact, I’d love a future version with a subtle scent, in case anyone’s asking.)

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Often when I’m working, and therefore typing, and therefore looking down, I have this train of thought: My hands are dry, but I can’t use hand cream because I need to keep using my hands, but I can’t wait to moisturize my hands because I’ll immediately forget that I need to, and then I never will. This serum is perfect for that exact moment.

The Olive & June Hand Serum available, beginning September 17, for $18 at

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