New Hair-Care Products and Tools Coming in March 2020


I’ll never be ashamed to say I have a three-tier rolling caddy next to my bed dedicated almost exclusively to hair products. I would probably have one even if I wasn’t a beauty editor. But since that’s my job title, I’m using it as an excuse to have it always brimming with brand-new products for me to try. And that’s just what I’ve got at home. At the office, there are at least two very tall closets filled with all the latest and greatest stuff to slather on your head, from your scalp all the way to your ends, whether they’re scraggly or freshly snipped.

Every month, beauty brands roll out new products, which means fiscal decisions need to be made. Once you get the responsible ones out of the way (rent, food, student loans), you can address the fun ones. No matter where it ranks on your list of priorities, at some point we all need new hair products. Yes, even you product hoarders out there — as if you needed convincing. And since brands are putting new stuff out all the time, it can be difficult to figure out which products deserve your attention. Fortunately, it’s my job to go through them all, which means less work for you.

This month, Rahua’s bringing a new version of one of its most-popular products and Amika has something to make your hair extra blingy. Curlies can expect four new gels to execute any of their styling techniques, and Kenra has an oil that will make fine-haired folks get up and cheer. Ready your credit cards, folks.

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