ShaveMOB is a Cut Above the Rest


Stay silky smooth with a ShaveMOB razor package delivered to your front door. ShaveMOB saves money and time with high-quality, stainless steel blades to get the closest shave possible.

How it works

ShaveMOB can save you up to 70% on its razors with flexible choice packages. The standard packages include two cartridges every month with 2, 6, and 12-month package options.

Blades will last roughly two weeks when properly cared for: clean and dry the razor after every use and store in a dry environment.

There is a no membership option with automatic renewals, but they will send a reminder email to repurchase. A ShaveMOB yearly membership will save you even more money.

Shipping is free and the order should be at your home in about five to 10 business days.

3 options available

Choose from three Men’s Shaving Packages or three Women’s Shaving Packages and the amount of blades on the cartridge. 

Three-blade cartridges are the cheapest and six blades are the most expensive. The cartridges range from $1 for three blades, $1.21 for four blades and $1.42 for six blades, depending on the number of months you purchase. Cartridge handles are sold separately. 

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