The 3 Skincare Products Beauty Editors Can’t Be Without


According to experts, more often than not, it’s good to keep your skincare routine stripped back and simple. Using just a handful of seriously efficacious products morning and night, as opposed to a complex 10-step regimen that risks confusing your skin’s natural functions, is all your complexion needs. In simple terms, as a rule, the less you smother your skin, the better.

As a beauty editor, however, this simple rule can be hard to abide by. With what feels like hundreds of different products landing on your desk to test and trial each week, it’s all too easy for your complexion to fall into turmoil. It’s safe to say, therefore, that we beauty editors know a thing or two about hero skincare products. In fact, every single beauty editor I know has a small selection of products they reach for day in, day out, in order to give their skin some sort of familiar routine. And usually, it’s these hero products that have the power to save our overworked complexions.