Your Biggest Questions on Skin, Answered by Dermatologists | House Calls


Our audience misses their stylists, derms, and manicurists as much as we do. Here, we bring experts straight to the Allure reader’s home for lessons on handling at-home beauty like a pro. Introducing, House Calls.

With Botox, fillers, and high-tech lasers out of reach for the time being, it can feel like attaining and maintaining our skin goals is impossible right now. But even though we may not be able to enjoy the treatments board-certified dermatologists are most qualified to provide, that doesn’t mean those docs are not still accessible — just in a slightly different way.

Some of our favorite dermatologists have taken the time on Saturdays to answer your most pressing skin-care questions on Allure‘s Instagram Stories, and the answers and recommendations are golden. Whether you’re wondering why your breakouts have amped up since staying inside or you need an affordable recommendation for a hand cream that can combat your dryer-than-usual (but extra-clean) hands, these experts have come through with outstanding advice.

Miss any House Calls so far? Not a problem. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our participating dermatologists’ top product picks so you can find them all in one place. And don’t forget to ask your biggest skin-care questions next time Saturday rolls around.

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