15 Quick But Cool Hairstyles for When You’re in a Rush Before Work


I like to think that I have my pre-work routine down to a fine art. My alarm goes off and I snooze it precisely twice before heading downstairs to make a cup of tea (a totally non-negotiable part of my morning regimen) and spend a few too many minutes partaking in a mindless social-media scroll.

After a quick shower (no hair wash because that is a lengthy task which can only be undertaken at night), I pull on my outfit and get started on my makeup—my favourite part of the morning. I usually allow myself 15 minutes to do my face, which gives me time to consider if I’ve got any new products that need testing out and to take selfies of the finished look if it’s something that I’m trialling for a feature.

My hair, however, is an afterthought. At this point, I normally have less than five minutes until I need to leave the house, and I’ll still need to brush my teeth, get my handbag together and make my hair look presentable. No prizes for guessing which thing gets scrapped. On an ideal day, I’ll spritz in dry shampoo and run the curling tongs over the top layer to add some definition. On a less-than-ideal day, my hair is getting pulled into the kind of topknot usually reserved for when you wash your face at night.

So I decided I needed some help in the form of some quick but cool hairstyles that are genuinely achievable when you’re short on time.