17 Smart and Easy Styling Ideas for Wet Hair That Don’t Look Messy


The wet look hairstyle is the belt bag of the beauty world; it makes an appearance season after season, you’re a bit timid and unsure how to style it, but when it’s done right, it completes your look. Often seen as a wildcard amongst popular hair trends, wet hair styled outside of the norm can be deemed unruly and frankly, sloppy. Fortunately, the wet look has been flawlessly executed enough times, there are plenty of how-to tips to be considered.

From Miley Cyrus and Zendaya to the Hadids, celebrities have mastered how to rock the wet hair look with an effortlessness ease looking polished and refined. Enhance your natural curls or opt for a sleek ‘do, there is a handful of specific techniques to try. While wet hair’s popular appearance is on the red carpet and rather glamorous, the hairstyle can be translated into an everyday look. The ultimate benefit? Going with an easy wet hair look not only looks stylishly cool, but relieves damaged hair of hot tools. Discover the below hairstyle ideas on how to manage wet hair while also looking sophisticated.