22 of the Best Ever Met Gala Looks for Some Easy Scrolling


These are strange times, and fashion, of course, must take a backseat to the more important news that is going on in the world. But there is a different role that looking at pretty pictures provides: momentary escapism and distraction. Right now, that is what we at Who What Wear can excel at—a means to momentarily take your mind off the 24/7 news cycle.

Today, following the announcement that the Met Gala is postponed and won’t be taking place at the beginning of May, we’ve delved into the archives to bring you some of the most iconic Met Gala outfits ever. The yearly event is notorious for giving us the most interesting and outrageous red carpet looks. The guest list is always full of the biggest A-listers and everyone always makes an effort with their outfits (Anna Wintour has to sign them off, too, so they come preapproved).

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