6 Jewellery Trends I’d Love to Add to My Collection This Year


The words ‘jewellery’ and ‘trends’ really shouldn’t be used in the same sentence in my opinion, as this is one area in particular where you want to buy with longevity in mind. Any additions you do make to your jewellery box need to feel really ‘you’, because few purchases are as personal and sentimental as a piece of jewellery. For this very reason the trends cycle in the jewellery world is much slower than we see with ready-to-wear, and there are items and styles that will always, always appear on a ‘trends’ list. 

One of the most surprising shifts in spending behaviour since the pandemic began in 2020 has been the rise in fine jewellery sales. “We have had a brilliant reaction to fine jewellery, which has grown 150% year on year,” says Natalie Kingham, fashion and buying director at Matchesfashion.com. There are certain jewellery trends that have been particularly popular over the last few years, and are still proving a key inspiration for the leading jewellery brands.

Keep scrolling to see the six jewellery themes that are going to be popular in 2021 and that I would love to add to my own personal collection.