All the Clueless Outfits We’d Still Wear Today


While Paul Rudd’s inability to age might continue to baffle us (does he have a portrait in the attic? I’d like to know), there’s one thing from Clueless that will never perplex us: the fashion. The trends in the much-loved iconic ’90s movie remain popular even in 2020. True, it’s been 25 years since the film was released, so it’s no surprise that plenty of the trends have come back around by now, but the thing is they never really went away. From the strappy dresses to the oversize black jackets as well as sheer tops, there are so many looks that were made mainstream by the film that we just absorbed into our wardrobes forever. Ready to see the key pieces Cher et al. introduced to us? Keep scrolling for the best Clueless outfits that we still wear today.