Blessed Are The Random (To Us) Overseas Celebs


Lola Indigo here is a Spanish singer and dancer who, like Kelly Clarkson before her, won a TV talent show — her Wikipedia describes her career since the victory in 2017 as “short but intense” — and then graduated to judge and team captain on this new one (called The Dancer). Fashion-wise, this feels like Ariana Grande by way of Rita Ora, with a smattering of Halsey, a final dusting of One Of Those Hammacher Schlemmer Grillmaster Aprons That Has Pockets For All Your Tools, and a veneer of Step Up 2 King 3: Say Yes to the Chess, in which Grand Master Beth Harmon returns to your TV sets as a grandmother coaching her offspring in the finer points of Dance Chess. Coming soon to Netflix.

[Photo: Shutterstock]