Even “Dad” Sandal Haters Will Love 2020’s Versions


Look, I don’t want to go all “I was into this trend way before everyone else,” but when it comes to “dad” sandals, I’ve been a long-time fan. Whether it’s wearing socks with a pair of Birkenstocks or embracing the trek sandal look, I’m here for all the “ugly” shoe styles fashion can throw at me. I realise, however, that last year’s explosion of “dad”-style flat sandals didn’t appeal to everyone. They weren’t exactly pretty or dainty. And thanks to the fact that most came in a dark colour, anyone who prefers to have bright hues in their wardrobe would, understandably, avoid it.

But 2020’s version is a little lighter. Thanks to Chanel replicating its chunky sandals again for this coming season in pastels, I predict that the “dad” sandal trend is back once again—and this time it’s going to have wider appeal. It’s not just Chanel who has pushed out more colourful styles.

There’s Birkenstocks’ yellow, green and white sandals, Fendi‘s pink double straps, Suicoke‘s neutral shades and Zara’s brightly coloured trekkie sandals. I think it’s fair to say this will win over everyone else. Keep scrolling for my edit of 2020’s best “dad” sandals.