Here’s Where Celebs Like Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa Find the Buzziest New Brands


There’s nothing more exciting for a new brand than having a big-name star wear your clothes. Just one street style snap is capable of catapulting a little-known emerging designer to new heights of success. Fortunately, celebrity stylists often look to outside sources for the freshest, soon-to-be-big-deal labels, and for those who work with style-setters like Zendaya, Dua Lipa, and Cardi B, Up Next Designer appears to be one of the most trusted sources.

With a following upwards of 40,000, the Instagram account, which bills itself as “a curated space of young and innovative designers,” has already helped launch a number of small brands into the collective consciousness. Kylie Jenner recently donned a shimmery beaded two-piece by LA-based designer Erika Maish while vacationing in Utah, and English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith wore a printed bodysuit and pants set by Swedish designer Jade Cropper in her latest music video, both of which were first scouted on Up Next Designer. According to the man behind the account, Albert Ayal, who also moonlights as a public relations professional, the goal was to highlight designers who may not yet be able to afford PR services.

“There are so many talented creatives out there that unfortunately never get noticed, and I want to change that,” Ayal tells POPSUGAR. “I enjoy watching young designers grow in [a career] they love. I want Up Next Designer to give up-and-coming creators and small brands the recognition and exposure they deserve.”

Some of Ayal’s personal favorite designers featured on the account include the ethically conscious brand Fal-ash, the futuristic and experimental designer Théo Senesane, and Fatima Minana, who dressed Kendall Jenner for a recent ad campaign for the oral beauty brand Moon. Options truly abound — Up Next Designer highlights creatives who boast a range of expertise from avant-garde to patchwork and edgy takes on suiting. And let’s be honest, what fashion lover doesn’t want know about the next highly sought-after designer before he/she/they blow up? Here’s the rundown of the brands to look out for before they hit your IG feed, courtesy of your new favorite resource.

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