How to Escape to the Countryside, the Fashion Girl Way


Tropical climes call to me all year round, but the appeal of hopping on a train and being out in the fresh air of the lush British countryside within a few hours can’t be underestimated. Plus, there’s something really special about those crisp winter days with bright blue skies, only found in the UK, that can bring a surprising sense of freedom. 

Somerset has been high on my list of places to go for a while. It’s a classic, loved by celebrities over the years for its low-key luxury, quintessentially English setting and, of course, sense of escape from the responsibilities of real life. When my mum mentioned she wanted a weekend away recently, I knew it was the perfect place to indulge her as well as switch off from my fast-paced day-to-day lifestyle in London. 

The beauty of a trip to Somerset and a boutique hotel like Babington House is how easy it is to succumb to relaxation. There are plenty of hot spots nearby—The Newt, The Pig Near Bath and minimalist restaurant and bakery with bedrooms At the Chapel are all top of my list for another time—but the highlights can mostly be found in the little things. Walking through fields, a game of scrabble over tea and cake or dressing up for dinner, dousing myself in my Chloé Nomade scent and heading to the bar for cocktails. The spa is, without doubt, the main event, and I felt a true sense of restorative escape when soaking in a giant bathtub overlooking the gardens with the sun pouring in. If you’re aching to feel refreshed and a little more alive, this is the place.