How to Stop Biting Your Nails, According to Someone Who Knows


Why, you ask? Well because for the majority of my career, I haven’t really had any. While other beauty journalists post save-worthy nail-art pics on Instagram, I have always made a conscious effort to keep my fingers curled into my knuckles whenever a camera is out because, for years, just like so many others, I bit my nails. While I was interviewing manicurists about nail health, I just couldn’t find a way to practise what I was preaching. However, while my job as a beauty editor did heighten my short-nail anxieties in many ways, it also acted as my saving grace. With countless nail experts just a phone call away, a couple of years ago, I made it my mission to put an end to my nasty habit.

And now, more so than ever, I’m so pleased I did. Award-winning beauty expert Leighton Denny, MBE, says, “Not only can nail-biting lead to infections, right now, the biggest risk is the act of hand-to-mouth touching. Even with frequent handwashing, the underside of nails can still hold bacteria, dirt, and grime. Nowadays, there is an even greater impetus to stop the bad habit.” How did I do it? It took some serious dedication and hard graft, but I can officially say my nail-biting days are far behind me. Keep scrolling for my expert-approved top tips.