I Asked the Experts What Perfumes Everyone Will Want This Year


It’s safe to say that I adore perfume. It has the unique ability to transform your frame of mind with just one spritz—evoking nostalgic memories and lifting your mood like no other beauty product can. However, having such an emotional connection to fragrance means that I tend to play it pretty safe when it comes to the perfumes that I wear. Unlike my makeup bag which I switch up regularly to experiment with new colours and textures, my perfume wardrobe stays pretty much the same all year round. I know which types of scents I like—musky vanilla, heady patchouli and modern rose, FYI—and I gravitate towards them time and time again. 

This year, however, something has changed. I’m not sure if it’s those first glimmers of spring sunshine or the promise of warmer weather to come, or maybe it’s the sheer monotony that 2021 has brought with it so far, but I’ve found myself wanting to step out of my fragrance comfort zone and reach for something fresh. But where to start? With so many perfumes launching all the time, choosing a new scent can feel overwhelming to say the least—so I thought it was the perfect time to consult some experts.

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