I’m 35 and Still Get Asked for ID—Here’s My Exact Beauty Routine


I don’t think there’s a certain way one is “supposed to” look or feel in their 30s. I know that ageing is a part of life that we all experience, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t amp up my beauty routine as I progress through life. Some embrace the signs of ageing; I’ve chosen to fight them in the most noninvasive ways that I can for now.

Truth be told, I have always looked young for my age. (Just an example: When I was 11, I was being cast as 7-year-olds in plays.) Even now, at 35 years old, I get asked for ID from time to time and get a lot of comments from strangers about not looking my age when I share it. I like to think that my current skincare routine has something to do with that—at least I hope so, given the amount of time and money I spend on it. (It’s worth noting that something I don’t often spend money on is facials—I prefer to invest in products I can use again and again).