I’m 5’2 and I’ve Figured Out How to Wear This Difficult Trouser Trend


I’ve been a fashion editor for a good few years now and one of my favourite items of clothing that I think makes me look put-together is wide-leg trousers. The only problem is, I’m 5’2 (just) and it’s often a difficult balancing act between looking chic and looking swamped. Find the right pair though, and worn with the perfect heeled boot, this pants style works wonders for leg lengthening, making you appear taller and, I always think, smarter. 

It took me a long time to discover the joys of this trend though. Being on the shorter side meant I avoided them like the plague, ogling from afar at tall girls wearing them in the office or at fashion week. Out of jealousy I secretly hoped they would be one of those passing trends I would one day be glad I never took part in. When I did try any on, they would always seem to be inches too long or way too swishy and wide.

It was only when I was forced into a pair for an event one day and was showered with compliments that I started to embrace the full ego-enhancing effect of the wide-leg trouser. Yes it takes a lot of trying to find the perfect shape (not too flared, not too long, pockets are always a plus) but I learnt that it’s really all in the styling as well. Wide-legs look great with trainers but unless you’re 6 ft the likelihood is you’ll get soggy hems if you step out in the rain. Heels, high ones, work for an evening look and one of my favourite outfits for party season is to team them with some stilettos, a silk cami and velvet blazer. As women we all know our highest heels aren’t a realistic option for long days in the office or being out and about though, so I landed on heeled ankle boots which add height and sophistication without the pain— perfect!