I’m 5’2″, and These Are the Fashion Items I Couldn’t Live Without


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: It’s one of my favourite sayings in life and in fashion. You’ll catch me going to the same three restaurants all the time, my middle parting has stayed the same for about 10 years, there’s one nail colour I get on repeat, and then there’s the way I dress… What can I say: I’m a creature of habit, and while sometimes it has its downsides, other times it has its pluses.

One example is the topic of today’s post. Once I found that there are certain pieces that worked rather well on my petite frame, I stuck with them, and it’s made both dressing in a way that flatters my figure rather easy over the years. In fact, I’m proud to say that people are often surprised when they find out that I’m only 5’2” because of the way I’m able to elongate my body through my style. Intrigued? To see and shop the items I swear by, just keep scrolling.