I’m a Beauty Editor, and These Are the Skincare Products I Share With My Mum


And it’s funny really, because as the years have gone by, the tables have started to turn. Now, as I learn more and more about products, I’m the person teaching my mum new things. But while I’m preaching intricacies, such as how often to use retinol and whether hyaluronic acid is worth giving a go (it is), there’s no doubt that my mum has been my biggest skincare influence.

If I hadn’t have spent my childhood watching my mum religiously cleanse and moisturise every evening, I probably wouldn’t care very much for skincare at all. From a young age, I assumed that if my mum did it, it must have been important. When the initial fascination developed, everything was rather cliché I’m afraid. I started snooping in her skincare stash and applied it all in one go in front of the mirror. When I hit my early teens, we started shopping for more skincare products for me, and that’s where it all started.