Moschino Was Bright and Theatrical, As Usual


I am just going to let Vogue explain this, as you won’t get a sense of it from the photos alone:

He had to design this collection in tandem with the short film he wanted to make, with every model, look and dimension planned to precision before the clothes ever existed. There we were, sitting in front of screens as Scott knew we would, watching a digital show about a real-life salon show, which turned out to be a show within a show, all its players part of the line-up. In this imposed digital moment in fashion and life, Scott’s theater was a thought-provoking image of our current surreal lives: layers and layers of trompe l’oeil, in garments as well as their unreal surroundings. And all this as we gear up for our post-pandemic return to…reality!

Jeremy Scott noted that he’s trying to use these times to do things you can’t with a regular runway show, and I do appreciate that, and wonder if the designers will miss that challenge if and when things return to “normal.” I’d probably be like, “Oh, EASY, we can just roll out a catwalk again and then all go to Bora Bora.”

[Photos: Imaxtree]