Next Year I’m Going to Use More and More of These Refillable Beauty Products


How do you recycle your beauty empties? For those who have attempted to discard used mascara tubes, plastic applicators and old eye-shadow palettes, you’ll know there’s no simple answer. Most beauty packaging ends up on the rubbish tip, and back in 2018, a report by Zero Waste Week found that the beauty industry produces a shocking 142 billion pieces of packaging each year.

As beauty lovers continually become more conscious about the environment, it was only a matter of time before brands started to take notice and, most importantly, improve their sustainable options. Refillable beauty products—with packaging that can be used more than once—has become one answer to the beauty industry’s waste issue. It’s certainly not going to solve all problems overnight, but is a small step that you can make to minimise the waste you create from new packaging when you replenish your favourite products. 

Here are some of the best refillable products we’ve found on the market.