Nike Socks, Bras and Shorts Have Quickly Become Sought-After Fashion Items


Four times a year Lyst, the global fashion search engine, releases a list of the most popular brands and items on the planet, and its Q1 report has been significantly impacted by our shift in lifestyles. Nike has gone from the 12th most powerful brand, to take the number three spot and a pair of joggers were the 8th hottest women’s product. It’s not surprising given the surge in demand for loungewear, however Nike and New Balance are two sportswear brands that are really resonating within fashionable circles. 

People aren’t going for the simple Nike items either, as the consensus seems to be ‘the bigger the swoosh, the better.’ Instagram and TikTok are awash with crop tops with exaggerated Nike ticks and many are wearing white tennis socks pulled up to reveal the logo. As we are moving into summer, many are swapping jogging bottoms for track shorts, so it’s likely the Nike sweatshorts will make their way into Lyst’s top 10 for Q2. 

Keep scrolling to see the Nike items we love—and some ideas for how to wear them.