On This Day in 1995, Halle Berry Looked…Well, Basically Perfect.


Informative Caption tells us that this is a “screening of the Showtime Original Movie Solomon & Sheba,” in which Halle here played the Queen of Sheba, and Jimmy Smits played Solomon, which makes me think that the subtitle for said Showtime Original was perhaps “look at these two hot people!!!!” (Jimmy Smits was not at this screening, I think because he was busy filming NYPD Blue at the time. Also, in the mid-90s, people just didn’t always go to screenings of their projects; nowadays, if someone skips an event like this, all the blogs are like WELL OBVIOUSLY ANNE HATHAWAY HATES THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!! or whatever, but in the previous century, I think it was less of a professional obligation. ANYWAY. I’d never deny you Jimmy Smits.) At any rate: Massive congrats to Halle Berry for being a forever babe, and for the fact that she’s dressed like Business Cher Horowitz and it worked then and it still works. MAGIC.

(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

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