Rosetta Getty RTW Spring 2021


Rosetta Getty didn’t have to go too much out of her way to adapt her signature languid lifestyle dressing to the new at-home reality. “Because we’re an easy, California-esque brand, I didn’t have to change that much. All of our fabrics are very comfortable; we don’t make any heels, but I still like getting dressed every day,” she said.

Projecting the feeling into spring (“because this thing may stick around a while,” the designer said) meant zeroing in on elevated loungewear like terrific-looking black scuba double knit split-front flared leggings matched to a sleeveless tunic; soft tailoring options like a cream windowpane jacquard jacket and trousers worn open over a bikini top, and a black stretch leather shorts, fitted vest and leather jacket “suit” for a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Loose, layerable cashmere sweats, and a frilly hand-painted blue stripe poplin shirt and drawstring pants continued the theme of ease, carrying from day-into-night on fluid white silk-satin pajamas with silk knot closures, and a white silk satin dressing gown worthy of a silver screen cameo. 

There were adaptations Getty had to make in her business, though, starting with canceling resort. “At first, [retailers] wanted to cancel everything, but now they realize there is actually a lot of commerce still happening, and they are saying ‘send us whatever you have.’

“We couldn’t get much done from any of the factories, because they were closed for so long, so we had to make do and I think it came out nice,” Getty explained, echoing the less-is-more ethos that’s run through many of the New York season’s collections, making many better for it.

She couldn’t get all of her fabrics, so she made some of her own, using doodles made during endless hours of work Zoom calls for an abstract scribble print jacquard. Her shoe factory was also down, but Getty was able to find another resource to make chunky tubular leather and cotton jersey yarn slides that are a chic comfort sandal update.

“The way our business has operated forever all of a sudden completely changed, and having to manage all those things at once has been really interesting,” she said, before waxing a bit California Zen: “It’s an odd time but we really just need to be still and sit with it.”

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