Royals Round-Up, November 13, 2020


A strong showing from Letizia’s skirt closet — among other things.

Elsewhere of interest:

This is a fascinating profile of Princess Märtha Louise and her beloved Shaman Durek at Vanity Fair.

There’s been a lot of discussion of the infamous Martin Bashir/Princess Diana interview lately, because people are currently saying he lied to her to get her to do it. The BBC is investigating.  [Vanity Fair]

At People: Prince Charles Launches Surprise Sustainable Fashion Line 

Yikes! Covid app backed by Zara and Mike Tindall prompts safety concern [BBC]

Very proud to have the only work of fiction featured on this list: 15 Books About the Royal Family to Read After You Finish Watching The Crown [T&C]

The Mainichi reports: Japan may shelve imperial succession decision despite parliament calls. This….seems very very shortsighted of them? Are they waiting for a total crisis to sort this out? Maybe!

And on social:

This blouse on Kate is very retro:

V. glam from Sophs here:


On brand:

Also on-brand:

Chaz saw Kate’s British Vogue cover, and Meghan’s guest-editing stint and thought, WHY NOT MEEEEEE:

No idea what’s happening here but I feel like I like it?

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