Sharon Stone Looks Great on the Cover of Town and Country


EXCUSE ME, but this cover is amazing and Sharon Stone looks radiant. (The inside shots are also fantastic; I highly recommend you pop over there and take a looksee if you, like me, enjoy an aesthetic that I can only call ECCENTRIC AND RICH.)

The interview, by Hunter Harris, is similarly a delight. I love Sharon — she once liked one of my tweets that compared Vanderpump Rules and Melrose Place and THAT was a real moment in history for me, let me tell you, on a variety of levels — and she just comes across like the most magnificent broad herein. THIS is the opener:

I was like, ‘No, Ryan, no, I can’t have a monkey,’” Stone tells me one August afternoon, recalling their initial meeting. “I’m like, ‘I worked with leopards in Africa. I’m comfortable with leopards.’” She pauses here, impersonating her director’s sternness: “‘No. Has to be a monkey for Christ’s sake.’” They were at an impasse. Okay, fine, Stone told him. She’d do the show, but she had to cast the primate herself. “‘There was a monkey that had worked on Pirates of the Caribbean that was great. A real pro monkey,’ ” she recalls him saying. “I’m like, ‘Let’s get the monkey in. Can I please meet this monkey at my house?’”

YES. I do not know how to even top that. (Although the rest of it is also thoughtful and quite great.) All I know is, I want the therein-promised Sharon Stone autobiography, and I want it it now — and also I’m definitely going to read about Lady Black’s revenge and I don’t even know who she is! Inject this all into my veins, please.

[Cover: Town & Country]