Sorry Marble—We’ll Be Cheating on You With These Interior Trends in 2020


“Centred around creating calm, our Spring Renewal edit is a response to our increasing need to reclaim our natural rhythms, connect to the natural world and consider our wellbeing,” explains Prinsloo. “This collection utilises understated earthy tones to create a restorative and relaxing retreat. As we become more mindful of what we eat, how we exercise and relax, we understand that our environment plays a significant part in affecting our mindset. By creating a look that layers natural materials and champions craftsmanship, Spring Renewal forges a textural landscape.”

“Velvet doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as a material, but we are starting to see more diversity now in the form of bouclé, sheepskin and other, more natural-looking textured fabrics coming through,” says Wassermann. “People are looking to make bolder decisions with their upholstery, and statement chairs in these more trend-led materials are a really accessible place to start. We’ve also seen resurgent popularity of natural materials. Timbers in natural finishes are joined by woven materials, cane, bamboo and seagrass, the finish of these being more casual and less polished.”

There’s another brand taking this trend a step further: “With a huge focus on environmental issues, we have definitely seen a shift from ‘fast’ interiors to buying pieces that will last and are seen as timeless,” says Price. “We have always loved handcrafted ceramics and will be focusing on styles that have a classic feel to them while being ethically made and not mass-produced.”