The 13 Dresses That Have Our Seal of Approval This Summer


While we’ve spent the last few months swapping between T-shirts and woolly jumpers, the first signs of summer have sparked a wardrobe shift. Now, it seems everyone is wearing dresses again, even if it’s just to chill on the sofa, and there are certain styles that are proving particularly popular in fashion circles. 

Below, you’ll find 13 beautiful dresses, all of which we’ve have been given the seal of approval by multiple stylish women. The best part is even though they’re incredibly sought-after, they’re largely still in stock. And if you’re watching your budget right now, then perhaps these dresses will remind you of the already fabulous ones you own that you need to re-wear this season. 

From the latest offering from cult brand Rixo to the Stine Goya dress that dominated fashion month back in February as well as the Ganni frock that we know fashion insiders love, keep scrolling to see the best dresses to fall for this summer.