The Secret to Nailing Reese Witherspoon’s Style


Reese Witherspoon‘s street style outfits are so bright, they’ll put a smile on your face. So it’s no surprise that the star refuses to sell any bit of black on her lifestyle site, Draper James. “People wear black to funerals. I didn’t wear black at all when I was young and was only allowed to buy my first pair of black pants when I was 15. . . . We don’t do black. Our black is navy,” Reese told Wall Street Journal.

So, what’s the key to the star’s sweet Southern-girl look, which gets translated to her well-curated shopping pages? “We emphasize coordination of different pieces for a pulled together look. Matching items, like matching your shoes to your handbag, is not a bad thing in the South. It’s a return to pretty clothes. We also do a lot with bright colors and patterns.”

Read on to see how Reese has maintains her fashion mantra through her own wardrobe, nixing boring old black for vibrant pumps and contrasting her loud florals with a trusty midnight blue. One glance through her looks, and you’ll have every reason to dress in color.