These 5 Tricks Will Make Your Clothes Last So Much Longer


Despite Marie Kondo helping us to spark joy, we still have a lot of stuff in our wardrobes—and stuff we rarely wear. In Lauren Bravo’s book How to Break Up With Fast Fashion, she reveals that last year alone the UK spent an estimated £2.7 billion on clothes that only got worn once. That’s quite the sobering statistic.

Adding to this, there’s nothing quite like being stuck at home for over a month with literally nowhere to go to make you realise just how many clothes you have. For those of us who love fashion, we know that it can, at times, make you feel overwhelming guilt and shame about the textile bounty you’ve amassed. There’s no denying that this is a first-world problem. But instead of feeling bad, why not think about how you can make the stuff you actually love last longer?

I spoke to Bravo on her best tips for looking after your clothes the right way. Not only will this mean you’ll shop less (say hello to a healthier budget), but you’ll also be chucking away less stuff which in turn will mean you’re helping the environment, as it won’t end up in the carbon emission–producing landfill. Keep scrolling to see her brilliant tips…