This “Boring” Hairstyle Is Ideal for 2020’s Alternative Party Season


I’m rubbish at doing my hair. There; I said it. I remember, as the girls in my class at school nimbly crafted French plaits in one another’s hair, there I was, struggling to get my pigtails to sit symmetrically. Fast-forward a few – okay, twenty – years, and I’m still just as inept at doing anything remotely interesting with my hair. That said, there is one style I’ve come to master, particularly over the last few months: The ponytail.

I always wear my hair down or, at a push, in a low messy bun, reserving ponytails for my infrequent trips to the gym. However, I’ve realised that the ponytail, while undoubtedly practical, can also be wholly chic and is, in fact, the perfect party hairstyle for 2020 that anyone can do—myself included.

Everywhere I look, the Instagram set is sporting souped-up, party ponytails, decorated with the likes of bows, pearls, jewels, and tortoiseshell. There’s so much inspiration to be had, I’ve assembled my favourite party ponytail looks for you below, followed by the prettiest accessories to personalise your own.

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