This Brand Is My Go-To For Adding Self-Care Into My Skincare Routine


Before we couldn’t fly anywhere, I took my in-flight beauty routine very seriously. So, in the month before my trips I would test all manner of products to see which ones would make the final cut. These are the ones that I deem to be worthy of decanting into the dozen tiny pots that fit into my clear bag.

On one of these lab-worthy skincare trials, I came across Patchology. I rarely make time for products like eye gel masks but on an 8 hour flight, there’s really nothing else to do. So in my bag they went.

Not only was it a joy to use but the eye gels were surprisingly effective and I embarked from the plane looking pretty fresh looking. Patchology have the kind of products that you don’t think you need and may not go looking for, but they’re seriously good if you want to add some self-care into your skincare routine. 

The best part? They work a treat. With everything from self-warming hand masks to foot exfoliation; they’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to read about my favourite products from the brand.