This Is How Our Favourite Fashion Girls Are Looking After Their Hair at Home


There’s no doubt that the current situation has affected our daily beauty routines in different ways. While some of us are thriving as we take a more laissez-faire approach to our appearance, others are itching to get back to the salon. One thing that unites us all in our recent beauty experiences, however, is having to deal with lockdown hair. From grown-out roots to breakage, it seems we’re all at a loss about what to do with our lengths.

Whether you’re indulging in more hair masks than ever or have even turned to an at-home cut, believe us when we say we really feel your pain. Constantly seeking new ways to deal with our misbehaving strands, we reached out to some of the chicest people we know to see what at-home routines they have adopted in a bid to get their hair to play ball.