This Is the Styling Trick You Need to Make Skinny Jeans Feel 2020


Skinny jeans are the kind of wardrobe staple that are akin to Breton tops and black blazers. While they’re definitely not the most fashion forward of denim styles, when it comes to a classic that you can rely on they’re an easy choice. But if you’re keen to make the drainpipe style feel more 2020, then do we have some good news—there’s a new way to wear them that feels fresh for the New Year. 

Believe it or not, the skinny jeans have been given a style overhaul by a few Instagram influencers, and we love it—and the key to making them feel brand new is all about the footwear. Instead of pairing with ballet pumps or knee-high boots (previously both classic styling choices), the 2020 way to wear them is with big chunky boots. Of course, most have opted to wear their black skinnies with the Bottega Veneta boots, but there are plenty of other options around. And as for the styling on top, wear a chunky knit, an overshirt or a long coat. Ready to see how to make your skinny jeans feel fresh? Keep scrolling.