Tracee Ellis Ross Does The MOST With Her Instaglam


The smart celebrities really are turning Instagram into a combination of a magazine shoot, and their own private red carpets. Fashion is art, and it’s heartening to see that people are still making it. And few people are as gifted at making absolutely CRACKERS ensembles look deliciously avant-garde. Check her out in this Loewe tux (and just as a note, sometimes if you can’t see the Instagram photo embeds, it’s because your computer wants you to be logged INTO Instagram first):

This is like a tux that’s experiencing many alarming side-effects of prescription medicine, as are so often listed for me by a comforting-sounding woman during an ad in which smiling people successfully complete their life tasks without exploding. I would be VERY concerned about this much swelling in the legs and wrists. But she went big with the earrings, put herself in a tight space at her house, and figured out exactly how to take up that space in a way that is visually compelling. All four of these are good, and while they don’t make me want to wear this suit — unless I am wandering through the neighborhood picking up litter, I can’t imagine wanting leg trash bags — they do make me want to see Tracee Ellis Ross throw herself a photo shoot every single week.

Here, she’s visiting her new product line at Ulta, cleverly matching her mask to the packaging.

And here — in JéBlanc (top) and Zhivago (skirt) — I love the authority she wields. She owns the frame. I typically really don’t like skirts with giant slits in the front-middle, or which are designed to look like they’ve been hiked up with a pulley system, and YET I think this one looks flawless on her. I don’t love the shirt, but the color — especially with the blue, and the red lipstick — is perfect. This is advanced-level stuff. It’s AP Panache, and I would like to take that class.