Trust Monikh—the 3 New-In Pieces She Is Championing This Week


There are hundreds of thousands of influencers in the social ether, but only a handful who we religiously stalk in order to virtually steal the clothes off their backs. Our primary target is Monikh—the London-based styling and shopping guru who seeks out the very coolest buys from every corner of the retail world. From her inspiring tips on re-wearing her well-chosen investment items to hunting down the coolest high-street pieces, her Instagram feed @monikh and website are a veritable hotbed of things you’re going to want to purchase immediately (and will never regret). Each week, Monikh will share her new picks exclusively for you…

I just got back from a weekend in Palma, and the slightly warmer weather has got me all excited for spring! Sandals, simple oversize day dresses, light jackets—I want it all. Below are the three I’ll be putting my birthday money toward.