Welcome to Today’s Installment of “Guess Who???”


As with so many things lately, I stumbled upon this photo while looking for something else, and decided to toss a pop quiz your way on this Tuesday morning. Grab your pencils, go to the bathroom now Tommy because I’m not letting you get up in the middle of the test, and begin whenever you’re ready. If you’d like a couple hints, read on, or — real talk — just cheat and scroll down to the photo where I reveal her face.

If you’re moving slowly and want to guess: It’s a 1980s celebrity who still has some name recognition today. (This photo was taken in 1990.) She is not currently the most famous person in her family, though she may have been when she was at the height of her own career, and I would argue she was never the most famous person in her TV family. And I’d offer that she’s not too recognizable with that wig.

The reveal, if you please:

Premiere of

Hello, Justine Bateman! This is a real Madonna/”Papa Don’t Preach” vibe, which I’m glad was not permanent — judging by other photos on Getty from around this date — because that is a difficult and very specific look to pull off, second perhaps to Cone Bra Madonna. Honestly, this is the way to do it. If I were moneyed, I would totally want to invest in some wigs so that I could play what-if with different hairdos without having to endure growing it out, or fixing the color, or otherwise frying it in to oblivion.

This also sent me into the Family Ties Wikipedia page. Did know that, before the theme song was a Johnny Mathis/Deniece “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” Williams duet, the woman’s half was performed by Mindy Sterling — a.k.a. Frau Farbissina in Austin Powers? I love a fun fact. Sha-la-la-laaaaaaa.

[Photos: Getty]

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